Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Flying Fish

We had another birthday MoFF this past week, and our friend Andrew decided to celebrate at the Flying Fish. The Flying Fish is a casual seafood place in Addison. It's beginning to finally feel like summer in Dallas, but it hasn't gotten too hot yet (the 100 degree heat is coming any day now). The weather was beautiful on Friday night and we had a large group, so we opted to sit out on the patio.

photo credit: http://www.flyingfishinthe.net/index.php
I don't really eat fish. If it comes from the water, I pretty much don't want to eat it. I can't stand the texture of seafood, it really just bothers me. I wasn't overly thrilled about Andrew's choice, but it was his birthday not mine.

I was left to choose between my two seafood restaurant staples: chicken strips or a cheeseburger. I had chicken at the last seafood MoFF, so I decided to go for the cheeseburger this time.

How can you go wrong with a cheeseburger and fries? My dinner was very tasty. It wasn't the best burger that I've eaten, but it was good and I left happy. The comments from around the table were all positive, so I can only assume that the actual seafood was good too. The birthday boy had a plate of crab legs, which he seemed very happy with!

Happy Birthday Andrew!
I liked the atmosphere of The Flying Fish. You order at the counter and seat yourself. There were no frills, which was just fine with me!

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