Monday, November 12, 2012

Kel's Kitchen

This week for Meal of Food Friday, we celebrated my husband Ryan's birthday. He got to choose any place he wanted to go, and he picked Kel's Kitchen, which serves homecookin' style food and is known for fried chicken and great breakfast.

We've been to Kel's for Ryan's last two birthdays, so it has become something of a tradition. We keep going back because the food is delicious and the atmosphere is great for a big group. Every time we have gone, the restaurant has been pretty quiet and we've had no trouble getting a big table. It's a great deal too - you get tons of food and it's BYOB!

So we came prepared!
 But you don't need to BYOB to enjoy your meal! Everyone at the table was happy with their order.

I had the chicken strip meal with mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and broccoli - soooo good!
Ryan had chicken and waffles - it's not specifically on the menu, but they have chicken and they have waffles. There is just a little self-assembly required.
Even though repeats are not usually encouraged for MoFF, I was happy to make another visit to Kel's! It's a great spot that not enough people know about.

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