Monday, November 5, 2012

Magic Time Machine

This week, Meal of Food Friday went to the Magic Time Machine, which is a theme restaurant in Addison, TX where the server's dress like fairy tale characters. It's the kind of place that you went as a kid for birthday parties and you thought it was awesome.

Sadly, we didn't actually go back in time - not enough gigawatts

I was a little skeptical when Magic Time Machine beat out Smoke, Island Spot, and Saffron House, becuase kid restaurants usually aren't nearly as fun when you go as an adult - mostly because the food just isn't as good as you remember. To my very pleasant surprise, we had a great time! Our waiter, Mario, was really fun, and completely comfortable with making inappropriate jokes. I had the sliced brisket meal (which I ordered from the young adult menu) and it was really good!

Plumber by day, them restaurant waiter by night
All in all, it was a successful MoFF! I can't remember the last time that I laughed so hard. Just goes to show that you age appropriateness should not be a factor when you choose a restaurant!

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