Wednesday, January 2, 2013

British Beverage Company

Last week, Meal of Food Friday took us to the British Beverage Company, a nice little British Pub in the heart of uptown Dallas.I was happy with this choice for one reason - it beat Dave and Buster's in a tie-breaker. I was just not in a Dave and Buster's mood and was relieved when it lost.

BBC restaurant
Thank you BBC for not having arcade games

Our group sat in a cozy booth to enjoy our British food, which was perfect. It's great when we get to sit in a booth or round table because you can actually hear everyone talk as opposed to a long rectangular table where you can only hear the people right next to you. We started out with the flatbread and Scotch Egg appetizers. For my main dish, I had the burger and malt vinegar chips. I was tempted to try something a little more "English" but my picking eating fears got the better of me. I don't really like fish, so that took out about half the menu. And the other things I was interested in were too pricey to risk getting something that I wouldn't enjoy. So burger it was - and it was delicious. I also enjoyed a Harp lager. My personal homage to my Irish heritage.
BBC burger
The malt vinegar chips were SO GOOD
Harp Beer
Is it weird that Harp beer reminds me of my Grandma? and also St. Patrick's Day?
I would go to BBC again - good food and fun setting. It was a little on the fancy side for a place that calls itself a pub, but it wasn't too outrageous. Overall, a good find.

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