Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Terra Mediterranean Grill

Last week we had a nice double date for MoFF at Terra Mediterranean Grill (formerly Ali Baba's) in Irving. I was thrilled because I love Greek food.

Photo credit: http://www.terramedgrill.com/
Terra Mediterranean has a nice semi-casual atmosphere - nice, but not too fancy. Most entrees are around $12 - $14, and you get a pretty large portion. And, my beer came in a longhorn glass!

I had the Gyro entree, which was amazing. The gyro meat was tender and delicious and the ziziki sauce was so good! I used the pita bread appetizer to make myself a couple of gyro sandwiches. Maybe not the best mannered move, but it was super delicious. I liked the saffron rice on the side as well. I planned to take half home, but I was hungry and it was too delicious. So I ate it all. :)

Terra Mediterranean Grill Gyro Entree
Come on, how good does that look?!
I will happily go to Terra Mediterranean again!

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