Monday, April 1, 2013

Nate's Seafood and Steakhouse

This past Friday, we celebrated Eric's birthday and the last Friday of lent by going to Nate's Seafood in Addison. Nate's is a popular seafood restaurant that prides itself on its authentic Cajun style dishes. We learned from our last attempt to eat at Nate's that we should arrive early to avoid the rush, which turned out to be important as we had a group of 13 people. The parking lot was full when we got there, so we had to park in the restaurant next door and walk over. In the end, we got our table without too much trouble, unlike our last visit!

We started our with hush puppies and bread. The bread was really tasty - pretty much because it was drenched in butter.
Nate's hush puppies and bread
There was soo much butter on the bread! It was sooo good!
For dinner, I had a smorgasbord of sides since I was not eating meat for lent (last time for this year!) and I'm just not into seafood. It's a texture issue and I don't care for it. And yes, I have tried several different things. So I went with the side of veggies, the onion rings, and a baked potato.

Nate's baked potato, veggies, and onion rings
some carbs with your carbs?
I liked the veggies and potato a lot. I wasn't super thrilled with the onion rings. They could have used a little more breading. Ryan was more adventurous then me and tried the blackened alligator Po-boy. He reports that it was tasty.

Nate's alligator Po-boy
Um Um Gator!
We had a pretty fun MoFF! I can't say that I was a huge fan of Nate's, but I know that it's because I'm biased against sea food and I ate sides for dinner. I still enjoyed myself and I know that those in the group that eat fish enjoyed their dinner. My only caution would be to get there early if you want to go on a Friday night!

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