Monday, February 11, 2013

Nazca Kitchen

This week, the Meal of Food Friday crew visited a new addition to the Dallas restaurant scene. Nazca Kitchen is a Peruvian restaurant near Central Expressway and Walnut Hill.The place had a nice new restaurant feel to it - not very crowded, and everything had that super new look, never-been-used look.

Nazca Kitchen Restaurant
It's a bit hidden - just look for the abandoned Dave and Buster's building

I wasn't really sure what Peruvian food was before eating at Nazca. I'm still not totally sure what makes a dish Peruvian, but I did lean that Peruvian food it tasty! We started out with the roasted pepper/cheddar dip, served with pita chips. It was a good start!
Nazca Kitchen roasted pepper dip
I need to work on my phone photography. The deliciousness isn't coming through in these pics!

I had the steak sandwich and grilled veggies for dinner along with a South American beer called Quilmes. I like to match my beer to my dinner - I think of it as a beer drinker's alternative to wine pairings. Everything was good! The steak was marinated well and had a great flavor. The bread was something called an Amazon Crunch Bun. It was a little sweet and crispy on the outside. It was different and I loved it. The sandwich was not huge, but it was enough food to be full. I appreciate when restaurants help me with my portion control!

Nazca Kitchen steak sandwich
Ryan had the roasted half chicken with quinoa. The chicken was good, the quinoa was just okay. He tells me that he wouldn't have try it again. I'm not sure that I would try it either, but I think it is in part because neither of us can figure out how to pronounce it properly.

Nazca kitchen roasted half chicken
I'd definitely eat at Nazca again. The food was unusual and tasty and the atmosphere was friendly and fun. You should try it out - let's help this new venture succeed!

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