Monday, May 13, 2013

Ziziki's Restaurant

The last few months have been so busy! School, work, family - it has been a little crazy. I missed the last two MoFFs due to my grandma's 80th birthday celebration and my brother in law's wedding rehearsal. Both were lots of fun, but I was glad that we got to go to a regular Meal of Food Friday this week. It felt like getting back to normal.

This week we branched out a bit from our regular Mexican/pizza/burger routine and went to Ziziki's Greek restaurant. Ziziki's has a few locations around town (we went to the Preston/Forest location in Dallas) that serves a variety of Greek and Italian favorites for a moderate price. The entrees ranged from $15-$30. I was excited to try this as I love Greek food, especially gyros.

zizikis restaurant logo
It's all Greek to me! (photo credit:
The restaurant is a little more upscale than we generally go for with MoFF. They have white tablecloths, an extensive wine list, the whole shebang. It was fun! We started out with the Spanakopita, which is filo dough stuffed with spinach, and ziziki bread, which is pita topped with cheese and herbs. Both were really good, but I preferred the ziziki bread. Spinach is not my favorite veggie and it was a little mushy.

Ziziki's Spanakopita
Filo and spinach appetizer

For dinner, I tried the chicken souvlakis, which is basically skewers of seasoned chicken with red onions and Ziziki sauce served on a pita with roasted potatoes on the side. Zaziki (or tzatziki) sauce is a yogurt and cucumber sauce that is used often in Greek and Turkish cuisine. It's amazing. Ryan had the lamb gyro (pronounced like "yee-roe"), which was very similar to the souvlakis, except it is not served on a skewer.

Ziziki's Souvlakis
My delicious Souvlakis

Ziziki's Gyro
Ryan's delicious gyro
I really enjoyed Ziziki's. The food was great and I would highly recommend it. We will probably not go often as it was a little on the pricy side, but this would be a great place for a celebration or just a nice night out. Even picky eaters would like the souvlakis or gyro - they are pretty much just (tasty) meat and bread! How can you go wrong?

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