Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tillman's Roadhouse

Last week, we ventured to the Bishop Arts district for a birthday celebration! Courtney picked Tillman's Roadhouse for her birthday MoFF, which has been named among the top ten restaurants in Dallas by D magazine. This was actually the third time that MoFF went to Tillman's, but it was my first time to visit. Tillman's offers an upscale take on classic dishes, including their signature chicken fried steak, along with a large selection of cocktails. It's a somewhat small restaurant with lush and modern decor. We got to sit in the peacock room, which was very fancy!

This was one of many birds that watched over our meal.

Dinner started with complementary seasoned popcorn, which I think I ate an entire bowl of. I love popcorn!

We ordered the truffle goat cheese tater tots, french fry trio, and lobster tamales to start. The tater tots were amazing. They were the best thing that I ate all evening. I liked the fries as well. I stayed away from the tamales, but the fellow diners report that they were tasty. I had a hard time deciding what to order as I'm a bit particular about what I eat. I decided to try the Shiner Short Rib and subbed mac and cheese for the grits.

The food was good. The meat was very tender, and well flavored. I wasn't terribly impressed with the mac and cheese. It was good, but not the best.

For dessert we tried Tillman's special - the tableside s'mores. It comes with flavored marshmallos that you toast at your table. They were fun and tasty! I had the maple flavored marshmallow, which was a little weird, but the cinnamon sugar graham crackers were really good. The other options were mint and root beer.

Cutest little indoor campfire that you ever saw!
I can understand why people like Tillman's. It modern and cool, and they offer interesting food combinations. It is a very "foodie" type of place. I am not a foodie, and most of the appeal was a little lost on me. My opinion comes down to the fact that Ryan and I spend over $100 on our meal on a typical night out. We chipped in for appetizers and dessert, ordered two entrees, and we each had one beer. Sure it was good, and the s'mores were fun, but it just wasn't $100 good. Sadly, that seems typical of the Bishop Arts area. I'm glad that I got to try Tillman's, but I'm in no rush to go back.

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