Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Truck Yard and Easy Slider

Once again, life has gotten in the way of Meal of Food Friday and the blog! No more, hopefully.

This past week, we enjoyed the unseasonable nice weather at The Truck Yard, and outdoor bar on lower Greenville. We were not the only ones who had this idea, and we fought lines to get a drink at the bar, but the casual atmosphere and perfect temperature made up for the wait!

The Truck Yard has a small indoor bar area, but it's mostly an outdoor venue decorated with recycled tires, records, license plates, etc. The name comes from the collection of food trucks that assemble in the yard area, along side the outdoor and a small live music stage. The indoor bar featured a wall of craft beers on tap, including my favorite Franconia Wheat! Set up wise, it reminded me of Chicken Scratch, which I reviewed a while back.

The food trucks in attendance vary, and Truck Yard has a google calendar of what trucks will be there on what day. We had sliders from Easy Slider.  our order got mixed up with another customer's, so we ended up with a "Sweet and Lowdown" (burger patty, bacon, goat cheese, and strawberry jam), a "Nutty Pig" (burger patty, peanut butter, lettuce, tomato, onions, and bacon), and two "Roadsides" (bacon, bbq sauce, jalapenos, cheese, french fried onion, on aburger patty) with a couple bags of Zapp's potato chips. I was surprised how much I liked the Sweet and Lowdown - I think the goat cheese really helped. So that one was a happy accident. I did not care for the Nutty Pig. The peanut butter with the burger was not good for me. The Roadside was good, but not my favorite. Our fellow diners tried the Classic Cheeseburger and liked it a lot. Overall, I would recommend trying Easy Slider.

Easy Slider Sweet and Lowdown and Nutty Pig burgers
Feast your eyes on the Sweet and Lowdown and the Nutty Pig!
I wish that I had taken some photos of the bar itself. It was definitely a great place to be on a night with nice weather! It was open air and lots of people brought their dogs. Had I known, I probably would have dragged Robin Sparkles along. She usually behaves pretty well at places like that....

This is from another patio that we brought her to a while back. I know I'm biased, but how cute is she?!
I will most certainly go back to the truck yard to try out another food truck option. My only advice is to be ready to wait for food and drinks, and possibly a seat. This is not an eat in a hurry type place - it's a hang out and have a few beers place! Luckily, there is a good amount of shade, so even in summer, this would be a fun place to try!

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