Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chicken Scratch

This week MoFF took us to Chicken Scratch, a mostly outdoor fried chicken restaurant west of downtown Dallas. It's a pretty cool place - you walk up to the counter to order, then find an open picnic table outside to enjoy your meal.

Chicken Scratch + The Foundry Logo
Photo credit: cs-tf.com/wordpress

It has a stage area for live music, an adjoining bar called The Foundry and a play area for the kiddos. It's even dog friendly! I wish I would have known that - I totally would have brought Robin Sparkles. It had a very laid back, Austin style vibe. The only drawback was the wait - it was pretty crowded and we stood in line for quite a while before we could order. Luckily, the weather was nice, so the wait was no big deal.

Robin Sparkles the Terrier Mix
Poor Sparkles had to stay at home.

 For dinner, I had the chicken fingers, and a biscuit. We got fries and mac and cheese for the table to share.

Chicken Scratch Chicken Tenders
Just for the record, I split these with a friend.

Chicken Scratch French Fries
The fries reminded me of the seasoned fries from Five Guys.

I liked everything that I had with the exception of the mac and cheese - it had green chiles in it, which I just didn't really care for. I had pretty high expectations of this place because I had heard that the Chicken Scratch has the same chef as Smoke and Smoke is AMAZING. The food was really tasty, but it wasn't as mind blowingly great as Smoke.

I would totally go back to Chicken Scratch. The atmosphere was cool, and it was great place to spend a evening outside in Texas, especially when the weather is so nice. It would be a fun place to go with a big group since it's so casual. If we go again, I hope to get there a little earlier so that we don't have to wait for so long and so that we can snag a better table. And I'm totally bringing the dog!

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