Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joe's Italian Cafe

The nominees for this past week's Meal of Food Friday were Jack Mac's Swill in North Dallas and Grill and Joe's Italian Cafe in Addison. I was happy with both choices since neither one involved driving all the way to uptown from our house in Carrollton. After voting, Joe's Italian Cafe came out on top.

Joe's is a a bit of a whole in the wall. We got there right around 7:30 and there was no wait, which was nice. Overall, the food was just okay. We started with an appetizer that was half bruschetta, half caramelized onion pizza. I much preferred the bruschetta to the onion stuff. It was too sweet for me.

No one was that crazy about the appetizer, but it didn't stop us from eating it!
For dinner, I had penne pasta with chicken, mushrooms, and artichokes in a cream sauce. When I ordered it, I was picturing the Pasta Da Vinci from the Cheesecake Factory. Joe's version was not as good. I mean, I liked it and I ate it, but it was no Cheesecake Factory. I had the feeling that the rest of the table had the same feeling.

And now I'm craving Cheesecake Factory

We finished off the meal with cannoli, which was the best part. Sadly my phone died before I could get a pic. The other best part was that the dinner was pretty inexpensive, especially considering that Ryan and I each had a couple of beers. We tried Peroni, which as new for me.
Italian brand from an Italian restaurant. When in Rome, right?
We had fun and the food was decent but overall, Joe's wasn't my favorite and I probably won't go back.

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