Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Momo Italian Kitchen

I'm a little behind on my blog post this week - what can I say, it's the week before spring break and I had midterms in my grad school classes!

Anyway, last week, Meal of Food Friday took us to Momo Italian Kitchen, a hidden away Italian bistro in North Dallas. The restaurant seemed a bit out of place in the shopping center. It's located next to a very suspicious looking massage place and doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside, it was very nice - white table cloths, view of the kitchen,  and a nice waiting area (where we hung out for about an hour). Despite the long wait, we had a great dinner! I don't mind a wait as long as there is an out of the way place to sit. It's BYOB (with a small "corking fee"), and the host was nice enough to put our drinks in the fridge for us while we waited.

Momo Italian Kitchen logo
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This was a good choice for a Lent Friday. There were several meatless options, so I had variety to choose from. We started out with the complimentary bread with pesto and the mini pizzas - I claimed the mushroom pizza because it was meat free and I LOVE mushrooms.

Momo mini pizza
Pic credit goes to the momo's website (along with all the other pic credits for today) as I was too excited to eat my dinner to remember to take pictures.

The appetizer worked out well as I couldn't decide between pizza and pasta for my entree. I went with the Maccheroni alla Vesuviana, which is basically pasta with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella. It was all really good! Everything was fresh, hot and tasty.

Momo Maccheroni alla Vesuviana
No lie, I ate all of it.

I would go here again in a heartbeat. The only bad thing that I have to report is the long wait. That being said, they have a huge patio area that almost doubles the size of the restaurant. On a nice evening, it would a great place to sit outside and enjoy some good food!

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