Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dallas Beer Kitchen

We had three great nominations for MoFF this week - I voted to Empa Mundo (which I've been wanting to try for a while) but it lost out to Dallas Beer Kitchen on Lower Greenville in Dallas.

Dallas Beer Kitchen Logo
photo credit: dallasbeerkitchengreenville.com/
I was not disappointed with this winner! As you can guess from the name, this restaurant is known for a great beer selection. They have 30 beers on tap that rotate throughout the year. On a suggestion from a friends, I tried the Boulevard Tank-7 Farmhouse Ale. It was on the lighter side, which I like, and it's made in Kansas City, where I have lots of family and friends!

Boulevard Tank 7
Bouns: it comes in a fancy glass!
The restaurant is pretty small and we had a large party so we waited for a while. Luckily, the beer selection kept everyone entertained! For dinner, I had the As Good As It Gets burger, which is a fancy bacon cheeseburger. It comes with a garlic aioli sauce on it, which was a little too strong for me. My burger was really good, but  I wished that I had asked for the sauce on the side so that I could only add the amount that I wanted. The burgers come with a choice of french fries or chips. I had fries and they were delicious!

As Good As it Gets Burger from Dallas Beer Kitchen
I mean, how good does that look?!?
There are only 2 negatives about this place - one is that the parking is not great. I parked in their lot around the corner, but it was still a little sketchy. The other is that the food was a little pricy. Not too bad, but it was a little on the high side for burgers and fries. That being said, you can tell that they use quality ingredients and the food really is tasty!

All in all, another successful MoFF!

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