Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cane Rosso

Last week was my birthday (yay!), which meant that our location for MoFF was all up to me! After much thought and deliberation I settled on Cane Rosso, which serves Neopolitan style pizza. We went to the White Rock location, which I believe is the newer of the two (the other is in Deep Ellum). I was excited to try this place after hearing from friends that the food was great and after Cane Rosso was voted best pizza in Dallas by D Magazine.

Ryan and I got to the restaurant early to get our name on the list, and to have a happy hour beer on the patio. We had amazingly nice weather - I mean, it was only like 85 degrees. That is unheard of in August in Dallas. I loved the patio area at Cane Rosso. It was like a fancy picnic area, with lots of room to wait for your table.

We ended up sitting inside for our meal and we started with the Angioletti, which is fried dough with Parmesan cheese. I also had a taste of the Caprese and Carciofini (lightly fried artichokes) appetizers. All three were really good! I particularly liked the Carciofini. One advantage of MoFF is that we usually have enough people to share dishes, which I love.

Cane Rosso Angioletti
This is not a great photo, but I assure you that the fried bread was tasty.

Naturally, we ordered pizza for dinner. Our waitress explained that the pizza at Cane Rosso is cooked at high temperature for a very short time, so the middle of the pizza is still doughy. It's "fork and knife pizza." Ryan and I split the Cassie pizza, which comes with hot soppressata (basically spicy pepperoni), mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

Cane Rosso Cassie Pizza
The pizza lived up to the hype! Very delicious, and pretty unique compared to other places that I've been in DFW. The prices were very reasonable as well. Ryan and I split a $14 pizza and we both had plenty of food. Next time, I want to try one of the dessert pizzas. They looked amazing, but my stomach (and my blood sugar) couldn't handle any more food.

I have a really hard time picking a "favorite" of anything, so I don't know if I can declare Cane Rosso as the best pizza in Dallas, but it is certainly top tier.  It was a great place to spend my birthday - the atmosphere is fun and lively and the food is great! They were very accommodating of our large party.  I just with it was closer to home!

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